Small Business Organizations & Trademarks

Small Business Organizations & Trademarks

Being an entrepreneur is the American Dream! Few enterprises will challenge like that of starting a new business. A healthy amount of fear is a motivational asset to a new venture.  Too much fear can cause you to make poor decisions or to make them too slowly.  You need a team to assist and counsel you that includes a good lawyer, responsive accountant, and insurance broker.  With your team in place, there’s less fear and more support and faith in your future.  There are many legal issues that arise when creating, organizing, and managing a small business and its transactions. Attorney Jason D. Hayward understands the many complications that can arise, and through expert legal representation, he can help you avoid the pitfalls that threaten many new business owners.

Whether you are starting a new business or implementing a revised business plan for the information age, we can identify issues needing attention to enable success. In tandem with your tax professional, we will assist you in selecting the proper legal entity for your business. We’ll also draft the documents necessary and advisable to forming your business, such as business sale agreements, buy-sell agreements, shareholder agreements, employment agreements, leases, and financing agreements.

We will also counsel you on becoming properly insured and aware of your particular regulatory climate. We will also assist you in establishing the legal protections associated with branding and creative works via trademark and copyright law.

Small Business Organization

Organizing a small business can be quite challenging, especially if there are many aspects of building a business that you are not familiar with. Attorney Hayward offers entrepreneurs with a wide variety of legal services aimed at getting your business foundation right, including choosing the right business structure. By starting your new business out on the right foot, you can prime yourself for future success.  Attorney Hayward also counsels Amazon Sellers who live or domicile their business in Oregon, himself being an experienced Amazon Seller.

Consulting & Transactions

Often, business owners will need legal advice for a particular situation, such as when drafting a new contract or when exploring expansion options for their company. Jason D. Hayward offers legal consulting services for business owners who are seeking advice for one or more business transactions and can provide you with the legal counsel you need at a cost-effective rate.

If you are a business owner in need of legal assistance or are dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, don’t hesitate to reach out to an Oregon small business lawyer as soon as possible. Contact Attorney Hayward for a consultation to discuss your business organization and transaction needs and begin creating a plan for success.

Trademark Registration

A big part of establishing a new business is establishing a brand. Core to an overall branding strategy is the establishment of a registered trademark for your business name and logo. Businesses represent themselves via words, phrases, designs, or symbols. The Hayward Law Firm can assist you by determining whether the name or icon you want to trademark is a good candidate for trademark protection and then file for a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Sometimes you will want to hire the services of a third party to research whether the item you want to trademark has not already been trademarked by someone else, thus saving you a lot of time and expense on a trademark application that could be denied.