Real Estate Transactions & Litigation

Real Estate Transactions & Litigation

One of the largest financial investments you’ll ever make in your life is the purchase and improvement of your home. When issues arise concerning your home, or other real property you may own, it makes sense to have strong legal representation on your side to ensure that your investment is protected. Do you have an easement issue with your neighbor? Is your neighbor’s use of their land negatively impacting the use and enjoyment of yours?

Additional legal issues arise where rental investment and commercial properties are concerned.  Are you aware of the different legal duties associated with investment properties compared to your own home? Is your property properly titled with estate planning in mind? Attorney Jason D. Hayward has significant experience working with individuals in virtually all areas involving real estate and is able to apply his unique expertise to your case.

Real Estate Preparation

Jason prepares and reviews real estate documents for both residential and commercial uses. If something goes wrong with your real estate transaction Jason Hayward can either go to trial before the court or represent you in mediation or arbitration.


Document preparation in real estate entails deeds of conveyance of a property, leases, easements, financing arrangements, and purchase contracts.


Attorney Hayward is an experienced negotiator for all types of real estate agreements. he believes that almost all disputes have the potential to be resolved through focused and strategic negotiations.


Disagreements arise for a variety of reasons. Whether you are involved in a landlord-tenant eviction case or a problem with a real estate sale, Grants Pass litigation attorney can help you pursue your legal rights. Jason Hayward is one of the most experienced Grants Pass eviction attorneys, representing primarily landlords. He can provide you with the legal representation you need to face your real estate dispute with confidence.

Civil litigation is more than what happens in the court room. A generous amount of thought, preparation, and communication precedes a court room hearing or arbitration. Our office understands that it is often in our clients’ best interest to explore alternate forms of resolving disputes. However, resolution is not always possible. When it is not, we are prepared to either prosecute your claims or provide a robust defense, whether for a jury trial or private arbitration hearing.


Good preparation yields the best results. Experience in the courtroom is critical. Prior to trial or hearing, you need an attorney who will lode at your case from both sides to honestly assess your case’s strengths and weaknesses.  You also want a good fact gatherer investigation the credibility and testimony of witnesses.  In sum, you must be totally prepared.  Good preparation is a friend to resolution. When seeking a resolution for your dispute, you need to be certain that your attorney is comfortable pursuing litigation if necessary to bring about the best possible result in your case.

Jason D. Hayward is a seasoned Oregon civil litigation lawyer who has sufficient experience in both settling cases out of court and pursuing litigation when needed.  Additional litigation practice areas include:

We litigate most often the following issues:

  • Breach of contract
  • Creditor collection actions
  • Probate estate and living trust disputes
  • Guardianship/Conservatorship disputes