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    For Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, and/or Living Trusts
  • You must choose individuals who will seek your interests and act as your representative as a financially incapacitated individual or upon death. These are not merely honorary titles to be bestowed upon family members as a demonstrable exercise in affection. You are essentially hiring someone to do a difficult job that most people do not want to do. Therefore, select individuals who are capable, wise, and trusted to act on your behalf. For now, please consider who you can rely on to follow your wishes, competently deal with financial matters, and be independent of individuals who would attempt to exert improper pressure or influence over your affairs. Couples may choose each other (and often do) as their respective first choice for the following roles. Please select a backup choice as well. We will review the separate, but sometimes overlapping/similar roles of the trustee, personal representative, and attorney-in-fact in our consultation, but oftentimes the same individuals fill these unique roles. Couples usually select each other as their first choice, but it is not required.

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  • Initial Property Evaluation

  • Property AddressAll legal title owners’ namesFair market value currently ( this property mortgaged or have any judgements against it? Yes/No 
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